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The food you serve at your events says a lot about you. Why not spice things up with authentic Caribbean and American food? You can also mix and match tasty dishes and delicacies to please everyone's palate. Take your guests on a flavorful food adventure with the help of Mason Catering Services in Brooklyn, NY! Established in 2011, our catering business offers unique food options that are sure to add flavors to any occasions. Whether you fancy serving Caribbean, American, Chinese, Japanese, or Kosher food on your special event, we have you covered.

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Delight Your Guests With Caribbean Food

Transform even a simple gathering into a Caribbean-inspired feast! Delight your guests with delectable Caribbean food options with the help of Mason Catering Services. Partner with us today, and cross meal preparation off your to-do list! We promise to prepare exciting Jamaican/Caribbean dishes your guests will definitely enjoy. Call our office for more details. We would love to hear from you.

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